Hair Restoration – Is That the Best Solution for Your Situation?

Hair loss can be devastating for both men and women. Fortunately, now there are various treatments available to restore the receding hairline or fill the gaps left on the scalp due to heavy hair loss.

Hair Restoration – What is It?

Hair restoration treatments can involve surgeries, medicines, scalp micropigmentation, and hair density.

Hair density is the use of pigments to fill the areas of thinning hair. Scalp micropigmentation involves the use of pigments to create microdots on the head. The ink microdots give the scalp the appearance of having new hair growth akin to the shadow you might get a few hours after shaving the head.

Hair transplant procedure has been around since the 1960s. The procedure (follicular unit transplant or FUT) then was to excise scalp areas with healthy hair follicles and transplanting it onto the areas with hair loss. The recovery from this procedure was long and it caused scarring.

The current technique (follicular unit extraction or FUE) is less invasive than FUT. It involves extracting healthy hair follicles individually; causing minimal scarring. Surgery for hair restoration requires the use of local anesthesia. The recovery process can take up to 2-3 weeks in the least with regular visits to the doctor for the graft and incision inspection. 

There are many medicines also available for hair restoration. But these medicines rarely produce the desired results. Oils and potions seldom work to restore hair on the bald spots.

Hair Restoration Treatments – What Works?

Hair restoration treatments can produce good results depending on several factors.

Scalp micropigmentation and hair density will always produce the desired effect when offered by trained technicians. The expertise of your provider is an important factor in determining the success of these treatments. Let’s say, you need treatment for hair restoration NJ. Then it is best to find a provider with proper training and adequate experience in offering the treatment that you are seeking. You can conduct an online search to find the right provider in your local area for your requirements.

Hair transplant surgeries don’t always work. You can experience excellent to poor results depending on how the newly-transplanted hair follicles respond to the treatment. You may not even qualify for the treatment if you have insufficient numbers of viable hair follicles required for the surgery,

Medicines for treating hair loss are not really much effective. First, you need to use them for prolonged periods of time. Second, these medicines can cause a number of side effects such as skin problems, rapid heart rate, sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, etc.

But there are no such problems when it comes to natural hair loss treatments such as scalp micropigmentation and hair density. The ink used for these treatments is organic in nature and completely safe.

If your hair is just thinning in some places then hair density can be quite useful for you. The pigment will cover all the visible spots on the scalp; giving you the appearance of having a good amount of hair. One treatment session for hair density can be completed within a few hours. The exact time will depend on the expertise of the provider and your requirements.

For scalp micropigmentation, you may require one or more sessions. The first session usually is to create the look and embed the pigment onto the scalp. Your provider may recommend a second session to help you fine tune the microdots. You may want to make the microdots darker or change the overall look of it a bit. All these changes are usually done in the second session. You will rarely need more than two sessions for scalp micropigmentation treatment at the same time. Few years down the line, you might require a maintenance session. Your provider will guide you about subsequent future sessions. It is important to consider your requirements before simply opting for any hair restoration treatment without consideration. If you want a safe, natural, and low maintenance treatment then you can opt for scalp micropigmentation or hair density. The former is right for any amount of hair loss. If you are experiencing thinning of hair then you can opt for hair density.

Reasons for You to Select Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural treatments offer a great alternative to surgeries and medicines for treating the problem of hair loss. Not everyone experiencing hair loss may be inclined toward surgeries. In such cases, natural hair loss treatment like scalp micropigmentation and hair density are excellent options.

Consider the below reasons to opt for natural hair loss treatments.

No Side Effects

One of the best things about natural hair loss treatments is that they cause no side effects. Scalp micropigmentation and hair density treatments involve the use of safe pigments for the treatment. Scalp micropigmentation near me involves creating microdots of ink onto the scalp; similar to the appearance of the bald head after a few hours of shaving. Hair density involves filling the areas of thinning hair with pigment to create a full head of hair.

When you seek these natural treatments from reputed providers and trained technicians, you can ensure a seamless experience of treating your hair loss. The ink is organic in nature. The tools for the treatment are safe for the scalp.

But such is not the case with hair transplant surgeries and medicines for treating hair loss. There is a risk of infections with surgeries. The hair follicles can get filled with abscess. There is also a real risk of scarring on the scalp. Medicines for hair loss can cause side effects such as rapid heartbeat, sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and others.

No Recovery Time Required

There is no downtime associated with natural hair loss treatments. You can resume your normal daily routine right after the treatment. If you experience any redness post your scalp micropigmentation, it is likely to fade away quickly after the treatment.

On the other hand, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to recover from hair transplant surgeries. The recovery period can become prolonged if any infection occurs in the hair follicles. During the recovery period, you also need to visit the doctor for inspection of the scalp and a change of dressing if required. You will also need to refrain from exercises and heavy physical activities during your recovery period from hair transplant surgery.


Natural hair loss treatments like scalp micropigmentation and hair density are actually very effective in treating the bald spots. These treatments do not grow the hair back. But they provide anyone experiencing hair loss with an excellent solution to cover the areas of thinning hair and bald spots on their head without any risks.

For scalp micropigmentation, ink is embedded on the scalp as microdots. These ink dots create the look of hair on the scalp. You can recreate different styles of the hairline with this treatment. With only one or two sessions, you can get a head full of dots that look like natural hair on a shaved head. Hair density treatment can also help you hide areas of thinning hair on your head in a natural and subtle way.

But there is no such surety when it comes to medicines or surgeries for treating hair loss. You would need to use medicines for a long period of time to see any new hair growth. Even after prolonged use, there is no guarantee of the treatment being a success.

With hair transplant surgeries, the new hair growth begins to occur after a few weeks. But you will be able to see the final result only after a year or two. Many times the surgery fails to produce any desirable result. You may not even qualify for hair transplant surgery if you lack viable hair follicles required for the surgery.


It is quite convenient to opt for natural hair loss treatments compared with preparations required for the surgery. You can simply schedule your consultation with a reputed provider and complete the treatment within a few hours as per your convenience. You won’t need to make changes to your schedule for the treatment or the recovery period as in the case of surgery.

Works Just as Well With scalp micropigmentation, you can actually create fashionable looks. The microdots don’t look like pigments and you can enjoy a new hairline of your choice. With hair density, you can continue to enjoy your natural look with some help from the pigments.

The Aging Body in Healthy Living

The body goes through many changes starting at adolescence. As a person ages the brain, eyes, ears, mouth, smell, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, bladder, colon, metabolism, and so on starts to change. The body functions start declining which affects reproductive organs, blood, cells, tissues and so on. To slow aging one must exercise, eat right and continue visiting their doctors. Doctors are essential, since these caring souls take time to monitor your bodily functions. Doctors will consider environment, overall health, hereditary factors and more to maintain your health.

Who studies aging?

Geriatrics are the men and women in the branches of medicine that study seniors or aging. The experts often focus on aging or the aged since the majority of disease all start in later years. In view of the fact, geriatrics study the syndromes and disease simply because one disease that affects the young will effect the elders in a different light. For instance, if a younger person has a thyroidal problem, it may cause them to feel cranky, gain weight and so on. However, if an older person has a thyroidal problem, they may sink in and reduce themselves into depression.

Compare the diseases:

If an older person has a thyroidal condition, they may feel depressed, confused, withdrawn, fatigue, confused, and will lose memory. If common doctors noted these changes they may deduce dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, since the symptoms are in like. Therefore, someone has to focus their attention on aging only to understand the changes that older persons go through.

Older people are subjects to Alzheimer’s disease, which is a progressive brain dysfunction. The disease causes massive memory loss, which the person will shrink back to infancy in time and finally die. Older people are subject to Aortic aneurysm, which is a disease of the aorta where the walls start dilating, rupturing the main functions and gradually causes death. Older people are subjects to atrophic arthritis, which is in harmony with vaginitis. This condition causes the urethra, as well as the vagina to shrink. As the organs thin the tissues, various symptoms emerge, including burning sensations. The person may feel pain during sexual intercourse. With the burning sensations during urine release, a typical doctor could confuse this disorder as some sort of infection, or sexual transmitted disease. (STD)

Of course, the average doctors receive valuable information from the study groups of senior citizens. For this reason, the doctors stand alert to challenge aging symptoms, rather than confusing the symptoms with other disease.

Elderly people are subject to bedsores. Due to prolonged force, this condition causes the skin to breakdown. In addition, elderly people are subject to cataracts, which the lens are clouded causing impairment of vision. Diseases such as benign prostate hyperplasia often develops in the older generation of men. This condition causes the prostate glands to expend large then normal. Urine is blocked when this condition emerges.

Understanding what you are potentially, facing as an elder person, or youthful person can help you get ahead of the aging game. While we have no control over aging, we do have the ability to slow aging. To slow aging you will need to learn preventive tactics and so on. Ask your doctor to provide you pamphlets that help you understand common aging disease.

Elderly people face ongoing declinations of the body changes and can lead to chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This disease progresses in a later stage and grows. The condition can grow into malignant leukemia, which is cancerous. Finally, elderly people are potential victims to diabetes type two, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and so on. Don’t be the next victim take action today!

Dietary Supplements: The Smart and Safe Use of Vitamins

You might always be doubtful about the effect of taking dietary supplement when you reach out for that bottle of fish oil pills or Vitamin C pills. It is always better to ask yourself the question before taking, if you really need those supplements. Many people reach out for those supplements daily or on some occasions. Dietary supplements are available without a prescription, over-the-counter and usually come in a powder, pill or liquid form. Most supplements include minerals, vitamins and botanicals or herbal products. Dietary supplements are taken by people, runners or pregnant women to make sure they get all the essential nutrients in the right amounts and to improve or maintain their health. Does this mean if everyone requires these supplements?

While supplements definitely fill the gaps in your diet, everyone need not take them. It is possible to get the recommended daily intake of all nutrients by eating a variety of healthy whole foods. There are side effects of taking some supplements, especially before a surgery or with other medications. It is a known fact that many pregnant women take whole foods prenatal vitamins as part of their diet. It is always better to get consent from your health care provider before reaching out for those supplements. In addition, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor when you visit him/her for any other medical condition so that the same be managed and integrated.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classify dietary supplements as foods and not drugs. Unlike medications, supplements are not intended for any cure, treatment or disease prevention, though the label may claim of certain health benefits. They can however be taken if there is a deficiency of a particular vitamin or mineral to improve the deficiency condition.

There is no evidence or research to prove that a supplement can reverse the course of any chronic disease condition. One should not take dietary supplements with this expectation. Dietary supplements can, however, enhance health benefits. Some of the most popular nutrient supplements are calcium, multivitamins, vitamins C, D and B. Vitamin C and E are antioxidants and help combat the free radical damage. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and strong bones. Calcium supports bone health.

However, there are some smart and safe ways of taking a supplement, they are as follows:

1.  Use a vitamin supplement only if your blood levels show a deficiency of a vitamin/mineral.

2.  Take a Vitamin C post an endurance exercise as vitamin C gets depleted post exercise especially after an endurance event. Also, you can take it if you are a smoker (both active or passive) and are dealing with a lot of stress.

3.  You can take a Vitamin K supplement if you have excessive menstrual bleeding.

4.  Take a Vitamin E supplement when you have eaten a lot of fried food. Fat gets broken down in our body by a process known as oxidation forming free radicals and vitamin E can help combat the same.

5.  Vitamin A supplement can be taken when you are travelling or are in a lot of stress.

Women, especially require supplements like Iron and Calcium during prenatal care. They need vitamin D when breastfeeding infants. During the childbearing age, women require folic acid daily in the supplement form or fortified foods. Vitamin B12 keeps blood cells and nerves healthy. The best sources of this vitamin are fish, meat and dairy food, so vegans need to supplement this vitamin if they are off of dairy intake. Among all of the above, fish oil supplementation probably has the most scientific evidence to support its use to promote heart health.

All of the above only indicate that just because a supplement is promoted as “natural” does not necessarily mean it is safe to take. Before reaching for the supplements, take advice from your medical care provider, secondly, it is important to know the chemical make-up and how it works in the body, the dosage and possible interactions with medications that you are presently taking. Intake of dietary supplements should be done only after proper consideration in a smart and safe way.

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