Five Ways Yerba Maté Tea is Better than Coffee for Your Health

A South American tradition, yerba mate is an herbal tea that is quickly gaining a reputation amongst the international community. Made from the Ilex paraguariensis plant found in the hearts of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of southern Brazil, this unique tea is a rising star amongst tea and coffee lovers alike. For caffeine lovers, yerba mate tea is stiff competition for American’s favorite morning companion. Though coffee has dominated the hot beverage scene, yerba mate offers an alternative for those looking to get their caffeine fix and work toward a healthy lifestyle. With a unique taste and an arsenal of health benefits, yerba mate tea is an ideal alternative to coffee in a number of ways.

Full of Antioxidants

Yerba mate isn’t known as an herbal powerhouse for no reason. The non-toxic tea is loaded with antioxidants that work to promote wellness. Antioxidants are crucial to a healthy body as they work to fight what are known as “free radicals”, compounds that wreak havoc when too great a concentration amasses in one’s body. These harmful substances are linked to many illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Yerba mate tea’s main antioxidant components are Caffeoyl derivatives and Polyphenols, and both work to keep bodies safe from harmful diseases.

May Boost Immune Systems

If antioxidants weren’t enough, yerba mate tea is believed to help fight off sickness and diseases. The herbal tea contains saponins, a natural compound with anti-inflammatory properties. Together with antioxidants, saponins work to strengthen immune systems and promote overall health.

No Additives Required

For those that drink their coffee black, coffee is a great sugar-free drink that helps make mornings bearable. The trouble comes with the added creams, milks, and sugars. Coffee creamers are notorious for having a high fat content, and when grabbing a coffee on the go from a local coffee house, the sugar and artificial sweeteners from syrups add up very quickly. Simple yet hearty, yerba mate tea is normally drunk with water and tea leaves only. No heavy creamers and no sugary syrups. Some enthusiasts praise an added squeeze of lemon juice into their morning yerba mate tea, and even this additive is a healthy addition to an already nutritious cup of tea.

Can Assist with Weight Loss

Many people struggle with weight loss and losing stubborn belly fat, and yerba mate tea may be an accessible aid. Yerba mate tea may reduce appetite and boost metabolism. The herbal tea works to decrease the total number of fat cells and reduce the amount of fat they hold, helping those who drink the tea burn more fat and lost weight.

May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Though research in the area is still limited, yerba mate tea may help lower blood sugar. The herbal tea is believed to improve insulin signaling, a vital process in the body that works to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. This works to reduce risks associated with diabetes and help the body maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.

Yerba Mate Tea as Part of a Healthy Routine

Yerba mate tea can benefit the body in a variety of ways, all while providing users with the much sought-after energy boost from naturally occurring caffeine. Coffee holds a greater concentration of caffeine per cup, but yerba mate tea makes up for it with the long list of health benefits. While yerba mate certainly has its benefits, more research is needed to fully understand the health benefits of the herbal tea.

Like any caffeinated beverage, yerba mate should be drunk in moderation and is not suitable for use by women who are pregnant. Those looking to work yerba mate tea into their daily life should speak to their doctor to address any concerns. Incorporating the South American tea into a daily routine is as simple as pouring hot water over the tea leaves, as one would with a regular cup of tea. The tea can also be served with iced water as the perfect way to cool down during a hot day. No matter which way one decides to drink it, yerba mate tea is an ideal addition to any healthy lifestyle.