Why it Matters to Visit Only the Best Children’s Clinic?

jacksonville children's clinic

There are so many children’s healthcare clinics around. It can be a little difficult to figure out which one to choose. Parents who seek out the best possible children’s clinic in Jacksonville ensure that their children will receive top-quality and consistent care.

The most important aspect of choosing the best possible children’s clinic in Jacksonville is the quality of healthcare providers employed. The doctors, nurses, and office staff all specialize in children’s health. They have years of specialized training on top of their standard medical degree. Pediatricians and other child-oriented healthcare professionals love kids and have dedicated their lives to helping kids stay happy and healthy.

On top of the specialized healthcare professionals, here are five more reasons why consistently visiting the best Jacksonville children’s clinic is so important:

1)  Full Range of Services

The best children’s clinic in Jacksonville offers a full range of services. Annual well-child checkups and immunizations, illness care, lab testing, asthma breathing treatments and monitoring, sight exams, hearing exams, minor stitches, splints, and ADHD checkups can all be performed at one clinic. Some of the best clinics also offer coordinated behavioral health services.

On top of treatment services, a great children’s clinic in Jacksonville also offers programs to encourage families to live a healthy lifestyle. Programs like the 24/7 Health Habits Program are designed to start kids off with a healthy lifestyle early on.

2)  Getting to Know the Pediatrician and Staff

At the best children’s clinics in Jacksonville, the doctors tend to stay for many, many years. This allows children and their parents the opportunity to get to know their healthcare team well. When children are familiar with their doctor, nurses, and office staff, they will be much more comfortable when they require health care. Additionally, doctors get to know the families of their patients and are better equipped to detect issues much sooner. Consistency in a child’s health care team is incredibly important. When a family chooses the best children’s clinic in Jacksonville possible, they are much more likely to have a consistent healthcare team.

3)  There When You Need Them

There’s nothing quite like having access to a pediatrician’s office after hours. When a family is connected with the best children’s clinic in Jacksonville, they are able to call anytime, day or night, to get health advice and schedule an after-hours visit if needed. Some of the best clinics also offer 24-hour monitoring and around-the-clock services, including IV therapy. This allows families to avoid the expense and stress of the hospital emergency room. An emergency visit to a familiar pediatrician and nurse is much friendlier than the noisy hospital emergency room. Having this kind of access to children’s healthcare any time of the day or night is priceless.

4)  The Best Facility

One of the great things about choosing a top-quality children’s clinic in Jacksonville is that they take care to make the clinic waiting room and treatment rooms as comfortable and welcoming as possible. They are designed to be kid-friendly and fun, which allows kids to have good memories connected with visiting their doctor.

The top children’s clinic in Jacksonville also has state-of-the-art medical equipment as well as the staff that are trained to use it. A clinic that has top quality facilities is able to offer a whole host of services to their patients. That means that parents will not have to make appointments at a variety of places to get blood work, x-rays and other tests performed. The best children’s clinic in Jacksonville is able to offer all of these services under one roof.

5)  Convenient Extras

Having to wait on hold to book an appointment or speak to the doctor while caring for a sick child is awful. That is why the best children’s clinic in Jacksonville offers extremely convenient extras that help parents manage their children’s healthcare much more easily. The best clinics offer extras like online booking and a patient portal for viewing medications, prescriptions, and health records. They often have a secure email system so medical or insurance questions can be delivered straight to someone who can help as quickly as possible.

Choosing the best children’s clinic in Jacksonville and being consistent with well-child checkups is the best way to ensure that a child is getting great healthcare.

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