What to Expect During Dental Implant Treatment

Thinking about having a dental implant or finally taken the decision to have one place. Next what? For some people, the thought of implantation through the surgical process placed in their mouth can be very scary and intimidating. No need to worry. Let us look at each aspect of getting dental implants McLean.


Currently, there are multiple options for replacing your missing teeth and one that is high in demand is dental implantation. The implants are made of titanium and the dentist or an oral surgeon will place it through surgical method. Into your jawbone, these screw-like parts are placed and are meant for imitating the root of the tooth.

Time Taken

Multiple factors determine the duration needed for implantation procedure like dental health, a number of teeth involved, what type of teeth needs to be replaced and if any tooth needs to be extracted before implant placement. These factors will also help in determining the number of visits to the dentist throughout the entire treatment period. For example, it takes one to two hours for a single tooth implant surgery from start to finish. This also includes time for anesthesia and dressing the patient for the sterile surgical environment.

Will it Hurt?

Like any other surgery, you will feel some discomfort. IV for oral sedation or local anesthesia is given for eliminating any discomfort during the procedure. Majority of the patients said that they felt comfortable after the procedure than they had imagined. The doctor will be prescribing some medications so that you feel comfortable.

Preparation for Surgery

• Your oral surgeon may provide some pre-operative instructions that you need to follow. These include.

• Rinse your mouth with a special anti-bacterial mouthwash like chlorhexidine.

• Have a good breakfast on the day of surgery unless you plan to have an IV sedation procedure. If that is the case, then do not eat anything after midnight the night before your surgery.

• For preventive measure take some antibiotics for a few days before the surgery.

Surgical Process

To restore your mouth with dental implants in McLean requires a total duration of six to nine months.

First Phase

First with local anesthesia your mouth will be fully numbed. An incision is created in your gums where implantation will be done for exposing the bone underneath. With a specialized drilling machine, space is created for the implant in the bone. Then the implant itself is screwed with the same implant drill or a hand tool. After the implant is placed comfortably, another component is screwed into the implant itself and will remain in that place during the healing procedure. Then the gums are closed over the dental implants and one or two stitches are done. After a few months, the implant will be attached securely to the bone.

Second Phase

The second phase begins with re-exposing of the implant. Unless a separate component was put on the implant that is placed above the gums, another small incision is created in your gums for exposing the implant. For taking the correct impression a small extension is placed on the implant. This is the component that the lab will be used for fitting your new crown. Multiple appointments are required for making your new implant crown. From these impressions, precise working models of your mouth are made and then carefully mounted for proper alignment. Your crown will be fabricated on these models. Finally, the new crown is placed in your mouth.

Discomfort after Post – Surgery

It is quite normal to have swelling and small bruises in the soft and gum tissues. Basically with an ordinary painkiller like codeine, hydrocodone or ibuprofen the discomfort is treated. After taking the painkiller you will be able to work the next morning.

Potential Difficulties

• Dental implantation may fail to cling to the bone.

• Loss of bone around the dental implant.

• Your body unable to withstand dental implantation procedure.

• Infection can occur around the surrounding gums and bones.