What is Fluoride Free Water and its Effects?

It is recommended by the doctors that mothers should try and breastfeed the babies at least for the first 12 months. But again it is the mother’s choice whether she wants to breastfeed the baby or want to use the formula. And if the mothers choose the formula, then there are ample things that need to be taken care of and looked after. Being a parent, you should be worried about what kind of water your infant is drinking. Right from disinfection byproducts to lead, atrazine, toxic chemicals, everything is found in the water that is extremely harmful to the baby’s health. And most importantly, you must look for fluoride free water for babies.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a compound that is naturally present in the environment. Fluoride can be found everywhere including rocks, plants, soil, water, and sometimes in the air too. Apart from that, Fluoride is also found in bones and teeth, and as we all know that it aids in preventing and reverting the development of dental problems in the early stages.

Fluoride is another chemical that has been added to the list. But as well know that fluoride is usually present in toothpaste but consuming it via waster is not a good way to fight tooth decay. And an overdose of fluoride can lead to fluorosis. Dental enamel fluorosis is considered harmful for newborn babies who drink formula. That is why it is recommended to use distilled water for babies’ formula.

Lesser intake of fluoride for babies

Though fluoride is a safe and effective nutrient, only when used in the right amount. Excess consumption can lead to mottling of teeth or fluorosis during infancy and can disrupt the base of the tooth enamel. You must also know that the fluoride levels differ widely with the county as there are various water resources. Apart from that, children also get exposed to fluoride in the form of formula, toothpaste, fruit juices, and supplements. Therefore, being a parent, you must know what you are feeding your baby and how much fluoride intake the baby is having daily.

Formula already contains fluoride

The most baby formula generally contains the optimum dosage of fluoride. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if the baby is already consuming formula, then there is no need to give fluoridated water as it can cause an overdose of it in the long run. That is why using fluoride-free water for babies can negate the risk of too much consumption of fluoride and prevent dental fluorosis.

Mix formula with fluoride-free water

Since infant formula is considered the main source of nutrition, make sure to mix it with fluoride-free water or with water that has low levels of fluoride. There are three different types of formulas available in the market. The first one is a powdered formula, the second is concentrated liquid and the third is the ready-to-feed formula. The ready-to-feed formula has very little fluoride and does not cause dental fluorosis. The formulas that need mixing with water have increased chances of dental fluorosis as that is the main source of food for the child and usually parents mix it with regular water.

Many parents have this dilemma that whether their baby needs fluoride supplements during the first 6 months or not. Well, you must know that whether the baby is breastfeeding or formula-fed, they do not need any supplements from 6 months to 3 years. Only if the water supply is lacking in fluoride, then only you can start with the supplements only after seeking a piece of advice from your doctor.

Being a parent is an extremely difficult and most responsible job on the planet. And you always look for windows where your little one is healthy and safe. And you should be concerned about fluoride free water for babies as the excess of it can lead to many issues in the future. Make sure you are using distilled water that has no fluoride with the formula and if you are using the ready-to-feed formula then it does not even need any addition of the water.

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