Tips on Buying Self Massage Tool

A self massage tool is a device that enables you to get a massage conveniently. Such massagers are ideal as you can use them as per your requirements at any time. Self-massage tools are also perfect for at-home massages. You can use them whenever your muscles need a relaxing massage without having to book an appointment or waiting for someone to use a massager on you. But you need the right device to reap all the benefits from a self massage tool.

Here are some tips for buying the best self massage tool for your needs.

Types of Massager

There are various types of self massage tools now easily available in the market. So, how do you decide which one to buy? Consider your needs for a massager before you begin to check them in the stores.

Do you need deep tissue massages often? Do your shoulders really ache every day after work? Are you in a profession requiring extensive physical labor? Do you work out a lot? Do you play sports quite often? For these requirements, it is best to choose a percussion massager that works on every muscle group.

A percussion massager comes with a rounded head that kneads the muscle knots and offers immense relief to the user. Some brands even sell multiple percussion heads with a massager. You can use the ideal size of the percussion head as per your unique requirements.

Similarly, you can check various self-massage tools and see if they meet your requirements.

Quality Parameters

When you want to buy the best self massage tool, you can’t compromise on the device’s quality. When selecting the best personal massager, check for different quality parameters. Is the massager easy to hold? Can you hold it for long without your wrists aching?

To go with the example of the percussion massager again, you will need to ensure that the percussion head is strong and sturdy to offer deep tissue massages at high-speed settings. A good quality percussion massager also comes with varying speed settings. You can use the speed you want depending on the soreness and pain in your muscles.

Check the material of the massager. Ensure caution against buying inexpensive massagers that are made with poor quality materials. Your massager should last you for years down the line without any cracks or problems.

Check the handle of the massager. Is it comfortable yet sturdy? Is the massager itself easy to hold. Know that you will be holding the massager for a good few minutes, at the least if not more. So, it should be really easy to hold and use.


If you wish to use the self massager tool during your travels also, you will need a device that is easy to carry with you. But you can’t just pack your massager in your carryall and keep it safe. You will need a proper case that can hold the massager safely along with all its components.

So, check if the massager comes with a portable case. Ensure that the case is lightweight and made with quality materials.


It is always better to buy a massager with a warranty. Any product warranty is a kind of assurance from the manufactures to the customers.  If the massager stops working soon after you buy it due to any reason, a warranty will protect the money you used to buy it.

Ensure that the massager comes with at least a year-long warranty, if not more. Don’t be tempted by only the time frame of the warranty. Also, check the terms of the warranty before you buy the massager.

Performance Guarantee

Your shiny new massager can turn out to be a dud. It is quite possible. So, how do you avoid something like this happening to you? Check if the manufacturers have included any money-back guarantee with the product.

A money-back guarantee can act as a kind of a test period. You can use the massager on various settings and muscle groups. You can confirm if the quality parameters are indeed as superior as you thought so. A 30-day money-back guarantee period is kind of nice to have when buying a self massager.