Reasons for You to Select Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural treatments offer a great alternative to surgeries and medicines for treating the problem of hair loss. Not everyone experiencing hair loss may be inclined toward surgeries. In such cases, natural hair loss treatment like scalp micropigmentation and hair density are excellent options.

Consider the below reasons to opt for natural hair loss treatments.

No Side Effects

One of the best things about natural hair loss treatments is that they cause no side effects. Scalp micropigmentation and hair density treatments involve the use of safe pigments for the treatment. Scalp micropigmentation near me involves creating microdots of ink onto the scalp; similar to the appearance of the bald head after a few hours of shaving. Hair density involves filling the areas of thinning hair with pigment to create a full head of hair.

When you seek these natural treatments from reputed providers and trained technicians, you can ensure a seamless experience of treating your hair loss. The ink is organic in nature. The tools for the treatment are safe for the scalp.

But such is not the case with hair transplant surgeries and medicines for treating hair loss. There is a risk of infections with surgeries. The hair follicles can get filled with abscess. There is also a real risk of scarring on the scalp. Medicines for hair loss can cause side effects such as rapid heartbeat, sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and others.

No Recovery Time Required

There is no downtime associated with natural hair loss treatments. You can resume your normal daily routine right after the treatment. If you experience any redness post your scalp micropigmentation, it is likely to fade away quickly after the treatment.

On the other hand, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to recover from hair transplant surgeries. The recovery period can become prolonged if any infection occurs in the hair follicles. During the recovery period, you also need to visit the doctor for inspection of the scalp and a change of dressing if required. You will also need to refrain from exercises and heavy physical activities during your recovery period from hair transplant surgery.


Natural hair loss treatments like scalp micropigmentation and hair density are actually very effective in treating the bald spots. These treatments do not grow the hair back. But they provide anyone experiencing hair loss with an excellent solution to cover the areas of thinning hair and bald spots on their head without any risks.

For scalp micropigmentation, ink is embedded on the scalp as microdots. These ink dots create the look of hair on the scalp. You can recreate different styles of the hairline with this treatment. With only one or two sessions, you can get a head full of dots that look like natural hair on a shaved head. Hair density treatment can also help you hide areas of thinning hair on your head in a natural and subtle way.

But there is no such surety when it comes to medicines or surgeries for treating hair loss. You would need to use medicines for a long period of time to see any new hair growth. Even after prolonged use, there is no guarantee of the treatment being a success.

With hair transplant surgeries, the new hair growth begins to occur after a few weeks. But you will be able to see the final result only after a year or two. Many times the surgery fails to produce any desirable result. You may not even qualify for hair transplant surgery if you lack viable hair follicles required for the surgery.


It is quite convenient to opt for natural hair loss treatments compared with preparations required for the surgery. You can simply schedule your consultation with a reputed provider and complete the treatment within a few hours as per your convenience. You won’t need to make changes to your schedule for the treatment or the recovery period as in the case of surgery.

Works Just as Well With scalp micropigmentation, you can actually create fashionable looks. The microdots don’t look like pigments and you can enjoy a new hairline of your choice. With hair density, you can continue to enjoy your natural look with some help from the pigments.