Key Advantages of Using Ice Therapy Machine to Heal Sports Injuries

An ice therapy machine is a device to deliver cold temperature over orthopedic injuries. Now, most sports injuries concern some muscle group or joints in the body. Sprains are common for people who play sports regularly. Acute sports injuries can be fractures, joint dislocation, and ligament tears.

Extensive sports injuries almost always require surgery and/or extensive physical therapy. Even sprains and muscle soreness require ice therapy (cold therapy) and use of ointments. In all these cases, ice therapy can play an important role in speeding up the recovery process. The best way to administer ice therapy is through machines designed for this purpose.

Here are the key advantages of using an ice therapy machine to heal sports injuries.

Reduced Swelling and Pain Relief

Ice therapy reduces swelling and provides relief after undergoing surgeries or sustaining injuries. The cold temperature temporarily halts nerve communication in the injured area upon its application on the affected site. Without nerve communication, blood flow to the injured site also stops for a while. When this occurs, the body’s natural healing mechanism steps in to reduce the swelling. As the swelling reduces, you can experience a lessening of the pain as well.

You can use an ice therapy machine to reduce inflammation (swelling) on the surgical wounds and other sports injuries. For instance, after undergoing knee surgery for ligament repairs (such as ACL repairs), the use of cold therapy can help reduce swelling on the surgical site. You can also use cold therapy to reduce swelling after sustaining sprains such as in the groin area or the ankles. Knee injuries, tears in the rotator cuff (shoulder tendons), or joint dislocations heal faster with cold therapy. Both minor and major injuries in the back or the hip can benefit from the healing power of cold therapy.

Use of an ice machine enables the patients to administer cold therapy efficiently. Ice packs can drip water on the surgical wounds and cause post-operative infections. The unevenness of the ice packs is also a drawback to using them for cold therapy. The uneven shape of the ice packs hinders the efficient delivery of cold therapy to the injured site.  Use of an ice therapy machine can help you skip all the disadvantages of using ice packs.

Speedy Recovery and Holistic Healing

Efficient delivery of cold therapy leads to faster healing. Use of an ice machine helps the cold temperature to reach the injured muscles as needed for speedy recovery. Ice machines consist of a healing pad to cover the injured sites. The cold water from the tank moves through the tube (with the help of the pump) to the healing pad. The continuous flow of water over the injuries results in the proper transfer of cold temperature inside the tissues. Brands such as IsoComforter makes machines with special healing pads designed for the shoulder, knees, or the back. These pads transfer cold temperature from all sides instead of just one. For example, the knee pads cover the entire joint and provide cold therapy from all sides rather than just to the muscles on the top. Physical therapy is crucial for the complete recovery after most orthopedic surgeries or injuries. Speedy recovery also means that patients can begin their physical therapy sooner than expected.

Speedy recovery also means less reliance on medicines to manage the pain from the surgeries or the injuries. Long-term use of pain medicines can lead to a dependence on them, which can be extremely harmful. However, cold therapy helps with holistic healing requiring less need for pain medicines.

Convenient Therapy and Safe Remedy

The convenience of using an ice therapy machine enables the patients to continue with their cold therapy routine more consistently. Consistency is crucial when using cold therapy to promote healing after orthopedic trauma. For instance, IsoComforter machines are straightforward to operate. You just need to fill the tank with ice and water, wrap the healing pad around your injured area, and plug in the machine. The self-priming pump then takes care of the circulation.

IsoComforter machines are safe as they are manufactured using the patented Iso Tube technology. The ridges in the healing pads ensure the optimal transfer of cold temperature; reducing the risks of injuries from near-freezing water.