Is Modere Liquid Biocell Safe?

Modere Liquid Biocell is a super nutraceutical that offers numerous health benefits. Formulated with natural ingredients, the product is widely popular for its anti-aging benefits. It works holistically on your entire body and rejuvenates your body to reverse the aging process. The product is available in four variants, called Biocell Life, Biocell skin, Biocell sport, and Biocell pure. All four variants of Modere Liquid Biocell are focused on providing overall health and wellness.

However, the bigger question is whether the product is safe for consumption.

Safety of Liquid Bio cell

The Modere Liquid Biocell does not come in the category of Food of Drugs. The product is not for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any ailment. The product can be categorized as a Supplement and is not evaluated by the Food and Drugs Association. The product is clinically tested and has proven to be really beneficial for overall health.

Modere has an entire division dedicated to Biocell collagen Sciences and there is a lot of research surrounding this ingredient. There are other collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients available on the market but The uniqueness of liquid BioCell Can be attributed to the patented composition. It contains a composition matrix that makes it highly absorbable.

Naturally occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II    –  60%
Chondroitin sulfate     – 20%
Hyaluronic acid     –     10%

Ingreredients of Modere Liquid Biocell

Modere Liquid Biocell is a total body anti-aging supplement. Hence, Just like any other health supplement, it is advisable to check the ingredient list and assure its safety for consumption.

The product has multiple patents to its credit and is formulated with award-winning collagen/HA matrix technology. The proprietary blend consists of collagen type 2, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, and other naturally derived ingredients.

Some of the Modere Liquid Biocell ingredients include:

· Liquid Bio Cell
· Apple juice concentrate
· Mangosteen fruit extract
· Nopal extract
· Acai berry extract
· Maqui berry
· Apple juice concentrate
· Cranberry juice concentrate
· Trans-resveratrol
· Grape juice concentrate
· Pomegranate fruit juice powder
· Strawberry juice concentrate
· Lycium fruit extract
· Blueberry juice concentrate
· Noni fruit
· Jujube fruit
Above natural ingredients are known for their antioxidant benefits and can help you reverse the clock by minimizing signs of aging on your overall health. These ingredients also have other ancillary advantages like protection from photodamage, benefits for mental health, etc.

Apart from these active ingredients, the variants include ingredients based on their desired objectives.

The variants of the Liquid Bio cell

The Liquid Bio cell comes in four variants that offer different wellness goals. The variants and their health benefits are discussed below.

1) Biocell Life

Biocell Life is a unique formulation that offers numerous anti-aging benefits such as hair growth, improved joint mobility and lubrication, and visibly younger skin. This product includes advanced Collagen/HA Matrix Technology like all other Modere Liquid Biocell formulas. Apart from this the product also contains ingredients like Acai Berry, Mangosteen Fruit, and Maqui Berry for their antioxidant properties. The ingredients also give the variant a fruity flavor.

2) Biocell Skin

As the name suggests the product is a boon for your skin. It is a perfect addition to your regime if you want healthier, younger, and plumper skin. The skin texture improves noticeably with prolonged usage.
As far as the ingredients are concerned, the product contains Collagen/HA Matrix Technology along with high-potency vitamin C, ceramides, and other nineteen phytonutrient-rich foods like pomegranate, green tea, and bamboo.

3) Biocell Sport

This variant is focused on the wellness benefits for athletes. The version includes the proprietary collagen/ HA Matrix and BCAA’s. The product is beneficial for physical as well as mental health and improves joint mobility and muscle strength. The product tastes like pineapple juice and has a unique ingredient mix that boosts recovery.

4) Biocell Pure

The original variant of the Modere Liquid Biocell version is called Biocell pure. The product includes the advanced Collagen/HA Matrix technology just like other Modere Liquid Biocell variants. The formula does not have a distinct taste and can easily be added to your favorite breakfast or morning coffee. Biocell Pure does not contain any superfood additives and is keto-friendly as well.