How to Stop the Pain from Your Toothache

Toothache or dental pain makes you highly discomfort. So, if you have any problem like this, your first task is to determine the root cause of pain. You need to know that there are lots of factors responsible for unbearable dental pain, including a broken tooth, damaged filling, abscessed tooth, infected gums, or others.

In case of severe pain, it’s advisable to visit your nearest dentist. If you are not able to visit the doctor for any reason, you can get toothache relief Springfield by using some result-oriented methods. For instance, rinsing your teeth with saltwater is quite helpful in this situation. Apart from this, we are going to discuss here several other tips that you can use to get relief from toothache.

1. Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide

Rinsing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide is indeed helpful in overcoming both inflammation and unbearable teeth pain. Aside from helping you get rid of pain, it also helps you in killing germs and bacteria that causes cavity in your teeth.

While using hydrogen peroxide for rinsing your teeth, you need to dilute them in a better way. All you need to do is to; make a mixture of 3% of hydrogen peroxide with an equal quantity of water. Once you prepare the mixture, you can now use it to wash your teeth.

2. Use Anti-Inflammatory

It’s another tip that you can use to control your toothache. You can easily find anti-inflammatory medication from medical shops. Consuming this medicine works effectively when it comes to minimizing swelling and the possibility of pain symptoms. Meanwhile, it’s advisable to avoid taking an overdose of anti-inflammatory medicine otherwise you may face side effects.

3. Use Cold Compress

To stop teeth pain, you can either focus on minimizing inflammation or you can also interrupt the signals that go from your teeth injury to the brain. To do this, you can use a cold compress. You can use the pack of frozen vegetables on those sides of your face that has pain.

You should use the same for at least 20 minutes. Besides, you need to also use pieces of cloths to prevent your skin from damage accidentally. It gives you complete relaxation from discomfort by limiting swelling.

4. Use Peppermint Tea Bags

Peppermint tea bags are the right options for numbing your teeth pains and also soothing sensitive gums. Make sure you use a cool or slightly warm peppermint tea bag to those of pain areas on your face.

To make the tea bag cool down, you can keep it directly inside your refrigerator. Just wait for a couple of minutes to let it cool down. After this, you can take it out from your refrigerator and then use on the affected area.

5. Clove

No matter what, clove is one of the most effective remedies for toothache. Whether you are seeking to get fast relief from tooth pain or a permanent cure, clove is the best natural remedy. Clove has been used for toothache for early times. So, you have every reason to rely on it.

Clove includes eugenol that is popularly known as a natural antiseptic. This is the reason why its oil gives you better results for numbing the pain. To effectively using clove, you need to get a small quantity of clove oil on a cotton ball. And apply it to those areas that are affected by pain.

It’s good to combine clove oil with a small amount of carrier oil. You can use it several times a day to get the best relief. You can also use clove for mouth wash.

6. Garlic

Everyone knows garlic has some medicinal properties. It also comes with the capability of killing germs and bacteria that cause toothache. All you need to do is to create a paste of garlic and then apply it to the toothache areas. You can also add a little bit of salt to make it highly effective.

7. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are also known for having anti-inflammatory characteristics that work effectively in healing injuries. You can either chew or break leaves into small pieces and then boil with water to wash your mouth.

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