How to Choose the Right Cold Therapy Unit for Your Pain Relief

A cold therapy unit is a machine to deliver freezing temperatures over injuries (cold therapy) efficiently and safely. Such devices are massive improvements over ice packs; used conventionally for cold therapy. But you need to use the right machine to receive the full benefits of cold therapy through it.

Here’s how to choose the right cold therapy unit for pain relief.


When choosing a cold therapy unit, you need to pay good attention to the technology used in its design. It is the technology that makes the machine work efficiently and helps in the delivery of cold therapy safely. For instance, IsoComforter cold therapy units are designed using the patented Iso tube technology for the most optimal delivery of cold temperature over injuries, surgical wounds, and painful muscles.

The safety factor –

Uneven delivery of freezing temperatures can cause injuries on the skin. Such a risk is always present when one uses ice packs for cold therapy. Another risk with ice packs is the melting water dripping over open or surgical wounds; increasing risk of infections for the user. So, the machine you buy must offer you a safe way to administer cold therapy.

Whether you need to use the machine to relive post-surgical pain, injuries, or discomfort due to sore muscles; the delivery of cold temperature needs to be completely safe for you.

For instance, IsoComforter machines come equipped with healing pads with a ridge design. The ridges help with optimal contact of the machine with the skin and prevent injuries. IsoComforter machines also do not drip any water when in use or otherwise. You can even buy sterile healing pads from IsoComforter to use for post-surgical pain relief and healing.

Efficiency matters –

A cold therapy unit consists of components such as a pump, a tank, a healing pad, and more. These components need to work seamlessly to offer cold therapy to the user efficiently. So, choose a machine with the quality materials used in its manufacturing.

IsoComforter healing pads offer cold therapy from both sides instead of just one. The user can, therefore, benefit from a more robust delivery of cold therapy. So, if you need to use the machine to relieve your knee pain, the IsoComforter healing pad will deliver cold therapy to the entire joint.


A cold therapy unit needs to be easy to use. If not, then the patients are less likely to use it as needed.

Operational ease –

Cold therapy needs to be administered consistently for it to show effective results for speedy healing and pain relief. So, if a machine is not easy to use, the patient is very likely to stop administering cold therapy with it. To relieve post-surgical pain, patients need to administer cold therapy multiple times a day; for a minimum 15-20 minutes at a time. The healing schedule can differ also depending on your needs and your doctor’s recommendations. So, unless the machine is very easy to use; it doesn’t make sense for the patients to utilize its healing benefits.

For instance, IsoComforter machines offer operational ease by incorporating self-priming pumps in the brand’s cold therapy units. These pumps do not require any mechanical efforts to perform their function. You can fill the tank with ice and water; wrap the healing pad around the affected area, and connect the adapter to an electric outlet.

When you switch on the machine, the water in the tank will begin to flow to the healing pad. You do not even need to replenish the ice in the tank very often when using IsoComforter cold therapy units. You can sit back and relax while the machine does its job in proving you relief from the pain.

The convenience factor –

It is best to buy machines that offer you convenient ways to use it for your healing sessions.

You can use the machines easily in home settings. You do not need to go to a clinic just to use cold therapy for pain relief.

IsoComforter machines are available in portable models also. So, you can use one even while traveling, during your car commute, or while in the office.