How Ice Therapy Machines Heal Shoulder Injury

Cold therapy is a well-known remedy to reduce pain after orthopedic injuries. One of the most common areas where pain can occur irrespective of aging is the shoulder. Pain in the shoulder can occur due to heavy lifting or repetitive movements such as carpentry. Fractures and shoulder surgery can also lead to pain and months of rehabilitation process. One way to speed up healing after should surgery or injury is to use cold therapy.

About Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is applying cold temperature on injuries or surgical wounds for speedy recovery. Application of ice or cold water on the injury site numbs the nerves. Numbed nerves cannot send message to the brain; temporarily stopping blood supply to the wounds. The process helps to reduce swelling. As the swelling goes down, the pain also reduces. It is the inflammation on the wounded area that causes the pain. Without swelling, orthopedic recovery can speed up.

Conventionally, ice packs and frozen pea packets have been used for cold therapy. But with medical advances, there is no need to deal with dripping ice or pea packets. Ice packs are not ideal to dispense cold therapy as the dripping water can cause infections on the wounds. The shape of the ice or pea packs is uneven and it is not optimal to deliver cold therapy deep into the tissues. Using ice packs is also not convenient. Imagine holding a bag of ice on your shoulder injury for 15-20 minutes at a stretch multiple times a day until your full recovery. Yes, not convenient at all.

The solution to limitations of ice packs is to use cold therapy machine. For example, you can use an ice machine for shoulder efficiently, conveniently, and without risk of infections.

Cold Therapy Machines and Shoulder Pain

Cold therapy or ice therapy is extremely useful in healing shoulder pain after fractures, rotator cuff (tendons surrounding shoulder joints) injuries, shoulder replacement, and other types of surgeries. Cold therapy is included in the rehabilitation plan for orthopedic surgeries and injuries; be it in a hospital setting or at home.

Rehabilitation process after rotator cuff or shoulder replacement surgeries can be long. The pain in the shoulder joint can take months to subside even after a successful surgery. Using an ice machine for shoulders is the most practical approach for imparting cold therapy to make your recovery easier and faster.

Ice machines made by brands such as IsoComforter are designed using advanced technologies. The IsoComforter ice machines for shoulders come equipped with non-sterile and sterile pads to use on the injuries. These pads are made with patented Iso-Tube technology to dispense cold therapy most efficiently and without risk of injuries due to constant cool temperature over the skin. The pads contain ridges for ideal skin contact. The uni-flow technology in the pads ensures that the cold water flows uninterrupted to provide constant healing on the injuries. The pad itself is easy to tie around the shoulders to provide cold therapy on the treatment site from all sides.

Ice machines are easy to use. You just need to fill the machine with cold water and ice without worrying about replenishing it every 15-20 minutes. Then you wear the shoulder pads, plug in the machine, and start benefiting from cold therapy. Ease of use helps people use cold therapy for long to aid their recovery. It is simply not convenient to use ice packs for prolonged periods and without help.

Ice machines are portable devices. So, you can even carry them around without worrying about an interruption in your therapy when you are traveling.

Cold therapy ensures speedier recovery from shoulder pain. It means that you don’t have to depend on medicines to reduce pain. Pain medicines can cause an addiction if used excessively, which is of course not good for health. Absence of pain means you can begin your physiotherapy sooner than expected.

Use of ice machines for shoulders can be extremely useful to recover from any type of shoulder trauma including pain from repetitive tasks and heal your joints and muscles.