How Does Cold Therapy Machine Reduce Inflammation?

Cold therapy is a natural remedy to treat orthopedic trauma. It helps to reduce inflammation, which in turn provides relief from pain resulting from injuries or surgeries. Cold therapy can prove to be even more beneficial if delivered via machines. The best cold therapy machine is a device designed for the efficient delivery of cold therapy.

What is Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy (or ice therapy) is the application of freezing temperatures over painful tissues. The cold temperature blocks nerve communication on the application site. Without nerve communication, the blood supply to the same area also stops temporarily. With reduced blood supply, the inflammation begins to lessen. It then results in less pain in the affected area.

It is a holistic remedy, which is used for pain relief all over the world. It has no side effects even with long-term use. You can use cold therapy to reduce inflammation resulting from surgeries, injures, or sore muscles.

You can administer cold therapy using ice packs or cold therapy machines.

The Role of a Cold Therapy Machine in Reducing Inflammation

For cold therapy to work properly, it must be delivered optimally. Yes, you can use ice packs for the purpose. But it is not the best way to use cold therapy. Ice packs are not even enough to help the cold penetrate deep inside the tissues. Ice packs can also melt while in use and drip water on the surgical wounds. It can cause post-operative infections and hinder the patients’ recovery instead of aiding it.

On the other hand, a cold therapy machine helps to deliver freezing temperatures over injuries in the most efficient manner. Optimal delivery of cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation quickly.

Efficient delivery of cold therapy –

A cold therapy machine is a well-designed device for efficient delivery of cold therapy. For instance, IsoComforter makes its cold therapy machines using the patented Iso tube technology. Use of this advanced technology helps in the delivery of cold therapy in the most efficient way possible.

IsoComforter machines come equipped with healing pads that also aid in cold therapy delivery in a safe manner. The healing pad consists of ridges that help with safe skin contact from freezing temperatures. Such efficient delivery of cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation quickly.

You can even purchase machines with healing pads that offer cold therapy from all sides. IsoComforter makes machines with such healing pads. There is also no condensation risk with IsoComforter machines. So, there is no risk of users contracting infections due to moisture on their surgical incisions or open wounds. With such useful features, there is nothing hindering the patients’ recover as far as cold therapy is concerned. Patients can, thus, experience a reduction in inflammation without delay.

Ease of use –

Using ice packs is simply not convenient or comfortable for long periods of time. It is not comfortable to hold the ice pack in place over the injuries multiple times a day.

If you don’t use cold therapy as required or in a consistent manner, you won’t be able to enjoy its full benefits. Use of cold therapy machines makes it easy to deliver cold therapy. It helps patients use it as needed for their recovery. You need to administer cold therapy at least 2-3 times a day; with each healing session lasting for a minimum 15-20 minutes. Such use of cold therapy is only possible with the use of a machine. 

To use a cold therapy machine, you simply need to fill the tank with ice and water; wrap the healing pad around the affected area, and then switch on the machine. If you use IsoComforter machines, you won’t even require refilling the tank with ice very often. IsoComforter machines also come equipped with self-priming pumps for operational ease. You require minimal efforts to use IsoComforter cold therapy machines.

Such ease of use helps patients continue with cold therapy for as long as needed for their full recovery. Use of cold therapy machines thus aids in patients’ speedy recovery by providing an optimal and easy way to use cold therapy.