How Dentures Can Make You Look Your Best?

Dentures are commonly used devices that replace one or more missing teeth. They may be partial, covering only a few teeth or full dentures that cover the entire arch of the jaw. Dentures typically are removable, however, newer variants that can be fixed to the jawbones also exist. While these tooth replacement solutions are generally prescribed for aged folks, dentures Springfield VA can be worn by people of almost all ages. They are recognized for their aesthetic benefits and so, here is a look at some ways in which these devices make you look your best.

# 1 – Restore your smile

Missing, cracked, broken, or worn out teeth in the mouth, can affect your smile and the way you look. Dentures, by functioning as artificial teeth, help prevent these problems and give you that beautiful smile you have always wanted. Present day dentures are advanced and made to fit into the mouth better and closely resemble natural teeth. So, there is hardly a chance that people would notice the replacement teeth that sit inside your mouth.

# 2 – Support the face

The teeth in your mouth play a role bigger than helping you to chew, bite, or eat food, or talk. They support your facial muscles and also provide the necessary stimulation to the jaw bones to keep them strong and healthy. The teeth also push your mouth outward and upward, giving the lips a fuller and younger appearance. The absence of one or more teeth causes the skin and facial muscles to sink inward, owing to lack of support. The tissues begin to sag, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the face. All of these result in premature aging and make you look much older than you actually are. A quality pair of dentures can bring a world of difference to your face by providing it the support necessary to keep you looking young and vibrant.

# 3 – Preserve symmetry of the face

Symmetrical faces look better than asymmetrical faces any day. The latter occurs when teeth go missing from just one side of the face. The skin and muscles that begin to drop into the hollows where the teeth are missing, can actually give your face a sunken appearance on one side alone. The disrupts the symmetry of your face, making it look awkward and unpleasant. Good quality dentures of the right shape, size, and fit prevents sunken faces and the imbalance that results from it.

# 4 – Fill in gums

Gums tend to wear away and shrink over time and with age. When not cared for properly, they can make your mouth look small, shrunken, and puckered. This also makes you look much older than you are. Dentures, on the other hand, fill in the empty spaces, giving the appearance of increased gum tissue and better volume in the mouth. Using these devices thus helps bring back that happy and healthy smile you had with real teeth in place.

# 5 – Boost your confidence

Teeth that are broken, cracked, chipped, or fallen off make you conscious of your smile and appearance. They can also interfere with the way you eat or speak. Lack of healthy teeth, this can be a deterrent and make you want to hide your smile in gatherings or public places. Dentures solve this problem by filling your mouth with artificial teeth that closely resemble natural ones. By restoring functionality almost fully, they help you eat your favorite foods as before and speak without hissing sounds. All of this brings about a positive change in your lifestyle and give you the confidence to smile wholeheartedly, no matter where you are or who you are surrounded by. Irrespective of the age, you deserve to look and feel your best. Good quality dentures from your dentist Springfield VA can make this happen with ease. Wearing good quality and well-fitted dentures can take off years off your face. So, if you have missing, broken, or damaged teeth, talk to your dentist in Springfield about dentures right away.