Accelerate Patient Shoulder Surgery Recovery with Ice Therapy Machine

Shoulder surgery can involve repairing the damaged tissues or replacing the entire joint. Fractures, swollen tendons, and arthritic pain can require a person to go through minor or major shoulder surgery. The rehabilitation program depends on the nature of the surgery. However, ice or cold therapy is often always included in the recovery plan of the patients.

Ice Therapy for Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Ice therapy is the application of cold temperature over painful muscles or joints to heal them. The cold temperature helps to reduce the inflammation by temporarily blocking nerve communication in the area of application. Without nerve communication, blood flow to the application area also stops for a while. These processes help to reduce the inflammation, which provides relief from pain.

Shoulder surgery recovery program often requires physical therapy. You may need to regain a range of motions in the shoulder joint before you can perform the exercises. For this reason, it is essential to first get rid of the pain the shoulder area due to the surgical wound. Ice therapy thus helps to reduce the pain remarkably and helps patients recover faster post their shoulder surgeries.

Use of ice therapy can also help patients to do away with pain medicines that can become addictive with prolonged use. Using prescription pain-relieving pills every now and then can be safe. However, patients can experience pain for months after undergoing major surgeries. In such cases, it is better to opt for natural healing methods such as ice therapy rather than depending on pain medicines.

Using an Ice Machine for Shoulder Surgery Recovery

An ice therapy machine or a cold therapy unit is a device to deliver cold temperatures over injuries or surgical wounds in the most efficient manner. It can be beneficial for patients to use an ice machine for shoulder surgery recovery.

An ice therapy machine is a well-designed device consisting of several components. The tank is the place for ice and water. The healing pad is wrapped around the affected area such as the shoulder. A tube connects the pad with the tank. The pump helps to circulate cold water from the tank to the healing pad. So, once you have prepared the device and wrapped the pad around your shoulder, all you need to do is to plug in the device to begin the therapy.

Some machines such as those from IsoComforter are designed using the patented Iso Tube technology for optimal delivery of ice therapy. Here, optimal means safe and efficient. The IsoComforter machines do not produce any condensation. So, it is safe to use them over the surgical wounds. With ice therapy machines, you do not need to worry about the water dripping over the surgical wound as can happen in the case of ice packs. Even a small amount of moisture inside or over the surgical incisions can lead to post-operative infections and hinder patients’ recovery.

IsoComforter healing pads consists of ridges to deliver ice therapy without any risks of injuries due to freezing temperatures. The IsoComforter pads are also designed to deliver cold therapy from all sides. It helps to provide healing to the shoulders from all sides rather than only from the top.

Patients recovering from shoulder surgery may need to use ice therapy several times a day. For each session, you may need to administer ice therapy for 15-20 minutes or as recommended by your doctor. You can increase or reduce the number or the duration of the sessions as per your doctor’s instructions depending on your recovery. However, it is vital to maintaining a consistent schedule of ice therapy to get optimum results.

You can easily use an ice machine for shoulder surgery recovery at home settings. You don’t need to visit your rehabilitation center or the clinic to administer it. Using an ice machine is extremely easy and hassle-free. You can even invest in a portable ice therapy machine to use it on the move if needed. IsoComforter machines come with self-priming pumps; requiring no mechanical efforts from your side to operate it.

Using an ice therapy machine is a holistic way to reduce pain and speed up recovery after shoulder surgery.